© Gianni Wise, 2012-18

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2002 | Multi ATM, BLOCK Gallery, Sydney
Invented warrant "posters" using digitally manipulated images, news articles. Wire, lighting.
Multi ATM is concerned with the invisible observer and the observed; the interrelationship
between the watcher and the marked. As with the experience of the prisoner within a contained,
controlled and artificial environment, we are manipulated and affected thus changed by the
visibility of, and indeed surveillance by, street and mall cameras.
Surveillance thus becomes a means of social and political control. It is a way for those in power
not only to observe, but also to control. Whether it is a case of a real or imagined terror is irrelevent;
it’s the relationship between the observer and the observed, the oppresser and oppressed – it’s the
(imagined) scrutiny that invokes a sense of terror.

Networked societies are surveillance societies – dependent on information infrastructures (networks,
databases, cross referencing, online collection, networks for digital imaging). This means that noone is
exempt from the gaze that records, checks, and sorts. At the monitor, in the taxi, street, at work
– everywhere we are tracked “…like the suveillance camera that pans to catch a number plate or
a lone figure scrabbling in the bushes alonside your favorite tolled road.”