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Simon Barney
Photo: Peter Morris

Bookcase: Suitcase within a Suitcase, 2005, Hollywood Hotel, Sydney
and varying locations
Artist imaged 'suitcases' contained within Simon Barney's suitcase that travels from venue to venue.
Simon Barney, delivers his "mobile briefcase art gallery exhibiting a variety of underground artists around the inner city, said an "intermediary" came across the works and handed them over to be put on public exhibition." (SMH)
2003 | Bookcase, artist book within a briefcase, Simon Barney, Briefcase, NSW State Records, Sydney, 2003
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Artists: Christopher Dean, Lisa Andrew, Elizabeth Pulie and Helen Nicholson, Jay Balbi, Alex Gawronski,
Ryszard Dabek, Simon Barney, Lucas Ihlein, Adrienne Doig, Vivien Eime, Robert Pulie, Lisa Kelly,
David Thomas, Gianni Wise
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