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Simon Pummell: expanded cinema
Spectres of Spectrum III

HD digital video, running time 2:37

Shown: MAP project, Eco Spirit (2014); Light & Wire Gallery, Miami, USA (2014), MAP at Blue Mountains Cultural Centre (2016) see MAPSPACE

Spectres+of+the+Spectrum+III from Gianni Wise on Vimeo.

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I see this video piece to be strangely analogous to the way that the mind functions. Umberto Eco was right when he argued “wanting connections, we found connections always, everywhere, and between everything”. In effect the mind seeks out connections. The mind functions as an endless loop of receiving-sending data. Titled Spectres of spectrum III, the video forms a montage of footage sourced from the Blue Mountains region, Google and satellite imaging. It's treacherously whispering resonates with the ambient sounds emanating from the overhead wires of a nearby electrical tower. It is part documentation and part the mind making conspiratorial connections between data and energy that transmits between these towers. The mind being an extension of these others - an embedded system within these systems; hyper obsessed with updating its presence – finding connections where they may or may be. "...the flickering brain, which relinks or creates loops – this is [the mind as] cinema" (Gilles Guattari as cited by Patricia Pisters) as a hypervigilant and effective a form of contemporary paranoid schizophrenic delusional behaviour.

Daniel Paul Schreber’s Memoirs of My Nervous Illness was published in 1903. It was an extraordinary examination of the mind as an interconnected organ. Patricia Pisters wrote about Simon Pummell's film based on Schreber’s memoirs, Shock Head Soul and created a related art installation The Sputnik Effect. (Madness, Miracles, Machines: Living in a Delirious World Without Walls)