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Gianni Wise

currently lives and works in Sydney Australia

Gianni Wise is an artist born in Australia, having exhibited both nationally and internationally, including Chile, Switzerland and Germany. In 2006 he was selected for inclusion in the ‘50 Photographers of Tomorrow’ survey exhibition at the Museum of Elysée, Switzerland. Gianni has been a recipient of Australia Council Grants.

His art practice encompasses a number of forms and mediums, including photography, video, audio, found object and installation. Much of Gianni's recent work coalesces around ideas engaged with the visual politics of social paranoia, conspiracy theories, security and narratives of fear in contemporary digital cultures. He has recently curated an exhibition in Brussels in an area relating to his thesis and is involved with a project involving Afro-American artists in Chicago, USA.

He has worked in film production and set design with a number of organisations.

Gianni has been accepted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy. He has post graduate degree in film and communications.
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