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2006 | Cones of Zontact, LOOSE Projects, Sydney
8/06/06 -23/06/06

A series of limited edition' hand made books were developed as part of the event. Later the project was included
in the publication Sydney : Loose Projects, 2006, National Library of Australia).
Alex Gawronski – Gail Hastings, Iakovos Amperidis, Stephen Birch, Robert Pulie, Rachel Scott, Gianni Wise
Group response to response to the Biennale of Sydney,
(digital prints bound into series of books)
Themed around ‘the biennalisation of everything’
Loose Projects are doing an err... intervention into the biennale on sydney which opens this week.

LOOSE PROJECTS wanted to develop a form of response to the Biennale of Sydney 2006. As those people who
participated in the project appreciate, LOOSE PROJECT's interest was to develop something that included a
number of artists living and working in Sydney. It would function as a counterpoint to the fact that there was only
one Sydney based artist in the Zones of Contact exhibition: Ruark Lewis.