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2011 | Transient Architecture

5 digital images on mount board
A selection photographic images of what could be termed "non-zones" that have a 'freshly' settled or even transient aesthetic.
I want to use these as a starting point for a project that may be involved with capital and militarisation of urban geographies.
Imagined human barriers and zones of fear come to mind. (Looking at this pithy little piece from the always entertaining
Žižek: "The only true question today is: does global capitalism contain antagonisms strong enough to prevent its
indefinite reproduction? Four possible antagonisms present themselves: the looming threat of ecological catastrophe; the
inappropriateness of private property for so-called intellectual property; the socio-ethical implications of new techno-scientific
developments, especially in biogenetics; and last, but not least, new forms of social apartheid—new walls and slums. We
should note that there is a qualitative difference between the last feature, the gap that separates the excluded from the
included, and the other three, which designate the domains of what Hardt and Negri call ‘commons’—the shared substance of
our social being, whose privatization is a violent act which should be resisted by force, if necessary.

Žižek, Slavoj. "How to begin: from the beginning." in: New Left Review. No. 57, p. 43-55, May/June 2009. (English)