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Willing participant
Willing Participant 2011
counter device, G. Wise
Willing Participant, 2011
Mixing device, G. Wise
Feedback, 2011
installation view
Its all about you, 2011
Biljana Jancic
(n)haiku, 2011
S. Barnes

2011 | Willing participant, FEEDBACK
visit 55 Sydenham Rd, Sydney.
Willing participant, 15 surveillance microphones, audio recording devices, wiring, speaker mounted in wall, audio mixer, digital counter, digital display.

Feedback features the work of Sydney artists Scott Barnes, Biljana Jancic, Gianni Wise
and James who have created artworks that subtly reflect on the conventions and
performativity that underscores the experience of art. In so doing they all question
what it is to be present in the gallery space, both for the encountering subject and
art objects themselves. What does it mean to present? What does it mean to behold?


See catalogue essay at Academia