© Gianni Wise, 2012-18

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This work is actually a series of exhibitions:
One installation has a cyclical nature – both the audio and visual components have a cyclical aspect to them. It could be seen as a ‘conspiratorial loop’ where the there is an implied network of conspiracy theorists. Umberto Eco in Foucault's Pendulum points the way here in his thoughts on conspiratorial theorists: “Wanting connections, we found connections — always, everywhere, and between everything. The world exploded in a whirling network of kinships, where everything pointed to everything else, everything explained everything else…” (1990).

Looking at image 2: Essentially this installation combines a large scaled-up wall plug (fakes-not functional) with proportional cabling attached to a false wall at the far end of the space. The plug with cable arches up through the wall into the ceiling continuing the arched (looped) flow down through another false wall at the other end of the space (near the doorway). The cable ends in 3 exposed wires, 2 of which finish in oversized directional surveillance mikes (fakes-not functional).
The auditory part of the work incorporates hidden mikes that record and play back (in a form of delayed loop) the voices of those who enter. This loop is overlaid and as new sounds from participants/audience enter the space. The mikes themselves would be semi-hidden adding another layer of anxiety for the audience.

The other pieces form a continuum from this initial - they are in development at the moment but see the images at the bottom of images 2 and 3.