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Modern Art Projects (MAP). 2017 Kiosk residency, Blue Mountains NSW
Thematics: energy, data abstract and cognitive capitalism
with Rebecca Waterstone, Ian Milliss, Naomi Oliver and Jacqueline Drinkall (artist-curator).
Frontyard Projects. 2017 residency, Sydney, NSW.
theme: Drinkall and Armstrong collaboration to create new EEG neuroheadset interactive video montages; I began work on data centre mapping and visualisation of the Sydney area. Extending later to Berlin data centres.

Saas-Fee (EGS), Switzerland, 2015. SFSIA

6 weeks in the mountain village of Saas-Fee in Southwest Switzerland as the site of writing and curating with a series of site-specific installations and performances. (exhibition)
Culminating in performance and site-specific transformation of the tourist office, the streets, the meadows and the surroundings of this alpine town.
The works presented are intended to reflect on the notion of the singularity submerged in the multiple.
Asssociated with Jack Segbar at Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts and the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. SFSIA. See video lecture content

Intercambiador ACART. 2012, Madrid region, Spain
Artist-In-Residence as an exchange with local artists. Involved open studio presentation and exhibition. I waa able to enter dialogues in Spanish on my years living as an artist at the end of the Chilean dictatorship.

Saas-fee Switzerland residency
SFSIA, Switzerland
The Kiosk residency
Frontyard residency, Sydney
Intercambiador ACART, Spain