© Gianni Wise, 2012-18

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Propaganda Window, external installation view

installation view of 3 part video

5.9, looped video, top left of window

5.9, top right video loop

5.9, bottom left video loop

2012 | Discomposed, Propaganda Window, Melbourne and Federation Square, Melbourne

Federation Square: July and mid August 2012; later touring to DongCheng Gallery, Beijing, 2013;
public viewing cnr Alexander Strase and Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin 2013.

3 Videoloops: HD, 16:9, colour, stereo. Screen 1 duration 2' 25", screen 2 duration 43", screen 2 duration 18"
Discomposed is a three part work that combines footage from his family’s now obsolete 8mm camera with out-takes from
his own digital experiments. These discards have been combined to form three interrelated video projections that adopt visual tropes of
fear and ‘other’ so often adopted by mass media and cinema. Using intentional film noir metaphors gives the work an anxious, uneasy
mood – something that is intentionally ambiguous and disconcerting.

My art practice has followed on from having lived in Latin America at the end of the Pinochet regime. Of course in a real sense the
enemy is no longer the dictator but ‘data systems’, corporate power, blind acceptance of dominance of the “market” model of
democracy. For me there always a case of finding ways to intercept dominant discourses particularly media discourses. I see video and
public screenings as an important form of intervention – to recover the public ‘space’ in the need to re-imagine the image.