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Defenestration, 2017
This is not that, that is not this, 2015
precog logistics, 2017
bathroom door
Durismo, 2014
plastic brains in sink, bathtub and toilet
array, 2015

Defenestration, EDACC. MAP Project, 2017
The Kiosk, Blue Mountains
Funded: NSW Government through Create NSW.
Theme: Energy, Data Abstraction and Cognitive Capitalism (EDACC) 6 week residency
WeiZen Ho, Ian Milliss, Naomi Oliver, Rebecca Waterstone, Gianni Wise and J Drinkall.

Defenestration, found logs and associated root systems, Steel wire cable, Ethernet cables, coal, mp3 looped audio played on portable device with headphones, 210x 82x73cm
A residency based on the theme Energy, Data, Abstraction and Cognitive Capitalism(EDACC).