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From: undisclosed recipient
Date: Wed Sep 16, 2011
To: Gianni Wise
Subject: a message as a short video message
Where: block near MTA subway, Bedford Ave NYC.
Status: temporary screening

NYC: Immediate CALL for time-based visual media speaking out against the Bush Administration.

Beginning with the Republican Convention until the elections on November 2,
Transparent Transformations: Big Picture Windows will become projection screens for images and messages
of deliverance--from the Bush Administration's assault on democracy.

These windows will be a private speaker's podium projecting into public space. Say what you have to, say what you can--at a busy intersection only 12 blocks away from the Republican Convention. Count on considerable exposure for your images and messages.

We are calling for slide-shows, poetic narratives, visual essays, flash manifestos, telenovelas, power-point
presentations, animations, statistical graphics, anecdotes, allegories, raps, rants, chants, and other
imaginative forms using any combination of text and image. We expect to mobilize two screens (window
projections) at the same time.

argue, convince, present evidence, suggest new possibilities